Our Service


Staging Works!

We are Committed to making the home Staging process
Fun, Productive & Effortless for our clients!

We come to you & handle everything, to give your home the warmth & decor needed for the new home buyer to visualize it as their own. We love our craft of transformation, our service is second to none. With our E-Staging Services, it’s easier than ever to learn & see the benefits of home staging.


Let’s Get Started

We’ll prepare a comprehensive room by room “TO DO” list detailing and prioritizing what needs to be done to prepare your house for sale. We will return upon completion to add any tweaks that might be needed AND certify it as a STAGED HOME.


Team Staging

We’ll transform your home utilizing your existing furniture and accessories. Vacant Homes need assistance in visualizing your space as theirs. We’ll bring in inventory that will help showcase your homes best qualities.


Our Inventory

We augment your property with our own STAGING inventory or provide shopping services to add to your own collection. This service does wonders for the transformation process, which is excellent for the selling of any home or property residential & commercial. Mobile Room Service Home Staging is committed to having your home staged smoothly, Elegantly, & fun with no stress to you at all. Call us for a complimentary bid.



Re-Designing your home? Want to fall in love with your home again? Sometimes it just takes a little re-arranging, re-purposing or refining of your existing accessories and furniture. As in STAGING to SELL, we offer detailed, written consultations, where you can perform your own magic at your own pace. Or, we will be happy to bring in TEAM STAGING for your re-design.


Life Style

Lifestyle Changes, Moves, and scaling down are opportunities to refresh and return the “WOW” factor into your home design. We can assist with organizing your move; editing the excess and transforming your new home into your new haven.



e-STAGING is one our newest services! Sometimes distance and time can be a challenge. That’s why we offer e-Staging. All we need are detailed pictures of the rooms you wish to STAGE and we’ll send you a detailed analysis based on what we see in the photos. All this can be accomplished with a Smart Phone, camera phone, & email or fax. As a follow up, send us the “After” photos for our review and fine tuning.


The investment in staging is always less than a price reduction.
We like to ask our clients, “Can you afford not to Stage?”