Home Staging-Boca Raton-Preparing Your Home for Sale -Part 2

Now that you’ve decided to sell your house and understand that it’s important to view it now as a product to be marketed, the next step is to see your house as others will see it.

That’s not as easy as it sounds because we’re all accustomed to seeing our house every day and looking past some of its imperfections. We’re comfortable in it. However for Buyers, we have to allow your house to show off its architecture…to show the space… and allow others to see its possibilities.

In Part 1 of Preparing Your Home for Sale we suggested you take photos of your house, including the front and back yards. This is one of the best ways to see your house as others would see it.

Chances are the first time your buyers are going to see your house is on a computer screen. It is from these photographs of your house that Buyers will decide whether or not they will want their agent to set up an appointment to see your house.

For example, when we enter our family room, we’re probably looking forward to turning on a movie or football game, kicking off our shoes and just relaxing. However, a Buyer seeing this room for the first time may be wondering if there will be enough room to fit their furniture.


The next step is to enlist the services of your best friend, relative or neighbor…. someone you can count on to be brutally honest. Ask them for their impressions of your house. Ask them for their impressions just as if they were thinking of buying it. Tell them this may be the one chance they have to tell you that they can barely get into your family room because it’s so packed with your furniture!

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