Home Staging-Boca Raton-Preparing Your Home for Sale Part 1

Home Staging- Boca Raton-Preparing Your Home for Sale Step 1

If you are selling your home in Boca Raton, there’s more that you can do besides placing a “For Sale” sign in the front yard. If the last time you bought or sold a home was before the Millennium then be aware…. Buyers expect more.

cameraIt’s not enough to clean your home and give it a fresh coat of paint. To be sure , those things help but a changing economy and tough competition mean you need to be prepared to market your home just as you would if you were selling a product.

And that’s the first step if you are selling your home in Boca…. you need to switch gears and begin thinking of your home as a HOUSE…. a product that you will need to market.

It has been said that about 90% of Buyers will begin their search on the Internet. That means they will be looking at MLS pictures to decide which house they want to see. Often they do this before they’ve even contacted a Realtor.

Step 1: Grab your camera and start taking pictures of your home!

The first step in preparing your home for sale is to get a good look at your product/house. You need to see what others will see.

*Stand at the curb and take a picture of your house.. the whole house. Take it from different angles as well.

* Now stand just outside your entry and take pictures there, just as if you were a buyer waiting to come in.

*Do this for every room and in addition, take a photo from every corner.

* Don’t forget your outside deck or patio and the garage.

Now upload your photos to your computer, sit back and take a look. This is what potential buyers will see when they first view your house online.

Remember-the first step in preparing your house for sale in Boca Raton is to begin to think of it as a product that you will be marketing. Begin viewing it this way and the rest of the Home Staging process will be easier.